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Edge Games LLC is proud to announce the premier of our flagship battle card game, Science fusion®, the Elements of the Scienauts™. This creative and innovative game is the result of a five year project bringing together visionaries, teachers, artists, and concerned parents who had a desire to make a difference in gaming quality and the quality of education. This project takes both gaming and education, hand in hand, to new heights by creating an exciting and entertaining gaming platform that combines a deep and lasting educational experience with many teachable moments.

Science fusion™, the Elements of the Scienauts™ has taken the periodic table of the elements and given it new life by characterizing the elements found there and giving them exciting possibilities never before experienced by the gamer. This new battle game technology created by Tim Pelzel and Andrew Leach, founding members of EDGE GAMES LLC has been patented the "battle game method of teaching real data and core curriculum while you play". This means that while the game is played you also gain the benefits of transparent learning by association with real data and real visual and kinesthetic processes. The learning created by this innovative new game is also deep and lasting because if you know the cognate name of an Elements™ character. you also know the name of the element because of the associative learning process. Elements of the Scienauts™ is the future of how games will be played. It is science "factionally" correct. It's the game about everything.

Science fusion, Now you're playing for real!!!

Science fusion™, the Elements of the Scienauts™ battle card game characterizes the elements into interesting personas of the element that they portray. These detailed characters then interact in the card game in may ways using real information from known scientific facts. This means that players of Elements of the Scienauts™ can't lose! Everyone wins when everyone has fun and learns. Take a look in our store at our available products.


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