Science fusion, the hottest and coolest game!

A real battle card game based on sound scientific principles, Science-fusion® represents the next generation in science fiction gaming. This advanced game system incorporates real data and real uses of the elements into some of the finest and most exciting strategic game mechanics ever created.

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With various levels of basic and advanced play capability, this game starts out simple, then grows with you into strategic infinitum of available styles and playability. Because luck is also a variable in the real world, it too plays a role in Science-fusion®. While strategic options help determine who will win by increasing the odds of success, sometimes the luck of the draw, the toss of the coin and the roll of the dice can foil your carefully laid plans.

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This is not a silly cartoon collectable game with fictional mechanics or contrived super heroes. These guys really exist, they really have these powers! You already know what happens when superman meets Kryptoknight, so stop wasting your true gaming talent with silly pretend games. Move on with so many other satisfied gamers to the fact driven mechanics of Science-fusion, the Elements of the Scienauts™. Now you're playing for real.


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